How Do You Determine the Strength of CBD Oil?

January 2, 2023 0 Comments

  Because there are so many different CBD manufacturers on the market, so are the ways their products are labeled. This is why it is sometimes difficult to determine the strength of CBD oil. Let’s look at some important points that will help answer the following questions:

How Do You Determine the Strength of CBD Oil?

Choose a brand you trust and request a Certificate of Analysis. First, and most importantly, buy CBD oil from a reliable manufacturer. Look for companies that sell products that are routinely tested and can provide a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) indicating the amount of cannabinoids in the product. In other words, CoA indicates the potency of a product and tells you how much CBD is in the product. It also provides another very important piece of information. Unwanted THC levels that are usually less than 0.2% or sometimes less than 0.05%. In addition to these two compounds, typical CoAs contain information about levels of the acidic forms THCA, CBDA and other plant cannabinoids such as CBN, CBG and CBDV. This means that the CoA’s results are valid and reliable, confirming the high quality of the tested product. You can check out one of our previous blogs where we talk about everything you need to know when buying CBD products.

Types of CBD

Because products contain different types of extracts, they may have different strengths. A “CBD isolate” is a very pure (greater than 98%) compound produced from hemp biomass extract and further processed to produce this natural isolate. No other cannabinoids are visible in the CoA if the product is made as an isolate. “Full-spectrum CBD” contains a variety of plant cannabinoids such as CBD, CBN, CBG, CBDV, and other compounds found in the hemp plant, including fatty acids, terpenes, and flavonoids. So, if a product is made from a full-spectrum extract, other cannabinoids may also be seen in the CoA. For example, all PharmaHemp CBD drops contain a full-spectrum extract, so a given potency of CBD is standardized by its CBD content. The content of different cannabinoids may vary due to natural changes in the hemp plant.

product labeling

All CBD products must have strength information prominently displayed on the product. Additionally, some manufacturers list CBD strength in mg, while others in %. We have prepared a table for a clear understanding of the labeling. For example, if you buy a 10ml bottle of 5% CBD Drop, you will get 500mg of 10000 mg CBD oil in one bottle. If you’re wondering how much CBD you should be taking at one time, head over to our blog explaining all things CBD dosing.


Finding the right CBD product for you can feel overwhelming, but don’t let the numbers stop you from taking the plunge and experiencing the restorative power of CBD oil. A good brand makes available the sources of all this information, practices, processes and materials. Their team will have a background in science, experience with the hemp plant, and food manufacturing know-how.

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