How to Find a High-Quality CBD Brand

March 25, 2023 0 Comments

There are many CBD companies, so follow these steps to narrow your search and find the CBD oil brand that suits you best read. Every CBD brand worth its salt has CBD. The more extensive the analysis, the more the company invests in quality testing and transparency. When buying CBD oil online, you should be able to find pure CBD oil shop on the brand’s website.

question. A clinic or retail staff should be familiar with the products they make and/or handle. If they don’t know or it doesn’t help them learn about the product, check the brand information yourself or avoid the product in that store.
Look for organic. CBD grown through an organic process is more likely to be of higher quality in terms of taste, effectiveness and safety, Phan emphasizes. This certification is also an indicator of how much effort a brand puts into making a product.

What to look for when shopping for CBD oil

Here are some important factors to look for when buying CBD oil.

Certificate of Analysis (COA)

COA detail compounds found in CBD products. Sometimes, a product can be easily found on a company’s website. If not, the company can send you a copy if you request it.

If a company doesn’t have CBD or doesn’t send CBD, consider it a red flag. At best, it indicates a lack of transparency. Worst case scenario, the company does not test the safety or effectiveness of the product or receives questionable results that they do not wish to publish.

According to Steven Phan, founder of CBD dispensary Come Back Daily, a trustworthy panel should have at least three panels.

Cannabinoid assay, which indicates the weight and concentration of cannabinoids found in a product.
Heavy metal analysis, which indicates the level of heavy metals such as cadmium, lead, arsenic and mercury found in a product. Heavy or prolonged exposure to heavy metals can cause serious health problems, including kidney damage. Cadmium greater than 0.001 mg/mL, lead greater than 0.003 mg/mL, and mercury greater than 0.0001 mg/mL are considered problematic.

A pesticide assay that measures trace substances used to protect plants during the growing process. Exposure to pesticides can result in weakened immunity, hormonal disruption, and hepatotoxicity. In children, exposure of parents to pesticides can also cause cancer and birth defects. There are dozens of pesticide chemicals used in agriculture, but some examples of chemical levels to avoid are cypermethrin at 40 ppm and ethylene oxide at 7 ppm.

“The easiest red flag is when companies only have cannabinoid panels because they choose not to spend extra to be transparent with their customers,” says Phan.

COAs can also contain content such as terpenes (organic compounds associated with cannabis flavor), mycotoxins (fungal toxins), and residual solvents (organic volatile chemicals).

3rd party testing

The use of third-party laboratories for product testing is another important aspect of CBD and the company’s reliability. Third-party testing increases the likelihood that your results will be accurate and unbiased. We may also look into the third-party labs themselves to make sure they are credible and qualified.

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